The Curious Drifter is a collection of snapshots from the moments of travel that have humoured, intrigued or inspired me along the way.  It is my little contribution to the greater body of work created by like minded travellers before me.  Sharing experiences to encourage others to seek out new adventures first hand, to challenge their own preconceptions of foreign cultures and customs – and perhaps in the process – to learn more about the world and our own places within it.


I Travel Because
Working for a Swiss technology company I was fortunate enough to have my first forays into the world paved by a briefcase. My eyes were opened wide by these initial experiences as I seized every free moment to absorb my new and beautifully confusing surrounds. Marvelling at Vidgeland’s life like sculptures of the human condition in Oslo, losing myself in historical tours of the Tower of London, and gazing in awe at the picturesque snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. For the most part these were fleeting experiences. A compromise to my means of travel were long days delivering presentations, evenings dining in the company of clients, and late nights bathed under the glow of a laptop – preparing for another day of the same.

So shortly after I found myself trading the briefcase for a backpack. Setting off on a journey that was to last 15 months, beginning in Asia, venturing around India and Europe, before winding down through South America. It was to be 15 months beyond all I had imagined, filled with discoveries, adventures, friendships and moments that would forever alter my perceptions of life and travel itself. Journey by journey the distinction between the two has greyed. For me travel is an opportunity to experience life at its most richest, to learn, to develop, and to fully appreciate all that is. Balancing new adventures with a normal routine has been a challenging albeit worthwhile endeavor that I continue to pursue today.


Overlooking Cusco (Peru) with my friend Maximo Cusiquispe


Lessons from the open road
Travel can mean many things to many people. To me, travel is freedom in its purest form. There is a certain sense of liberty – you have to experience to understand – that comes in knowing all your material belongings amount to no more than that which can be carried upon your shoulders. On the open road you find yourself in possession of the most precious gift of all. The gift of time. The time to wake up on any given morning and choose what to do with your day, the time to experience each moment and every personal interaction with the fullness of your attention, the time to explore thoughts and ideas, and the time to just be. Suddenly all the world becomes your class room, all those you encounter your teachers, and the syllabus … is yours for the choosing.


A fellow vagabond once told me that “travel is the ultimate test”. At times it will challenge your physical resolve and mental patience, pushing you to your very limits and often leading you to discover that you are more capable than you had previously believed. A reward in itself but also an inherent part of a journey that will be infused with moments of incredible beauty. Being moved by the majestic hues of a desert sunset on the altiplanico of the Atacama or humbled by the mesmerising power of the Garganta del Diablo at Foz Iguacu. To witness the acts of selfless kindness that pierce your heart and make you question your own motives and ends. Or simply to be met with the encouraging light-hearted laughter of locals as you fumble and faux pas in a foreign language. It is in these moments, both simple and profound, that I smile knowingly and recall what it is that compels me to live curious.


Zip lining across the Mendoza river (Argentina)


Acknowledgements and Awards
Along the course of my travels I have been fortunate enough to have had some of the video and photography I have captured recognised and acquired by notable travel information service providers. These have included:

  •  2012 runner up in the Lonely Planet “Winter From Your Window” travel photography contest
  • “A Place Called Trindade” and “Travel and the Endless Knot” videos acquired by Lonely Planet TV
  • Interviewed by Lonely Planet TV and featured as their “Traveller of the Month”
  •  All expenses paid travel to Peru to produce a city guide video about Cusco for Hostelworld.com
  •  Runner up in Hostelword.com’s 2008 and 2009 around the world travel video competition
  •  A finalist for the annual Tripfilms awards in the following categories:

- Most Inspiring Travel Video
- Best Destination Guide


Between Worlds
When I am not happily lost somewhere out in the world I am doing my best to be a contributing member of society. My professional background is in the Geospatial industry where I have over 8 years experience in a range of markets including engineering, construction, mining, agriculture and utilities. I have performed a variety of roles from consulting to management, in technologies including machine automation, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and computer aided design (CAD). A specific field of recent interest to me is “Neogeography” which involves the application of geospatial techniques and Web 2.0 technology to provide solutions for non-traditional audiences. In particular, I am interested in exploring new ways for geospatial applications to be harnessed by the broader travel community.


For any further information regarding video, photography, geospatial or written content contained within the Curious Drifter website please do not hesitate to contact me via the form below. I am available to perform commissioned assignments and am also open to potential opportunities for collaboration. But most importantly, as a fellow traveller I am happy to share any insights into destinations that I have visited and equally appreciate any recommendations and tips about places to see in the future.


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